Welcome to Weblogs page. Here we describe the construction of kietygory.com website. The topics describe down to HTML and CSS level. The philosophy is to use only free tools and to in as much as possible maintain website design freedom.

We use WordPress and make our own customization of Twenty Sixteen Theme. This is the latest free theme that shows up after WordPress installation and has over 1 million users. We chose this theme because it is free, made by WordPress organisation which means it has large support base, is similar to previous years’ WordPress Twenty Something Themes which means we can implement codes in earlier themes with minor adjustments. Most importantly, this theme is mobile adapted meaning the website automatically adjust to a variety of screen sizes from smallest smart phone to largest screeen set.

Of course, all our topics are already much better explained in other websites specifically dedicated to WordPress learning (e.g WPBeginner, Elegantthemes). However, this is a live example of Twenty Sixteen child theme and its implementation, something that is sometimes hard to find when searching for code instructions.

The notes are not as thoroughly described as other websites on same topics, since we use this site mainly as notes for ourselves to remember. However, plz feel free to shoot email and ask for clarifications.

The plugins and programs we strongly recommend (this list is continually updated):

  • WP Editor plugin displays codes in different colours. Really helpful!
  • Crayon Syntax Highlighter plugin displays codes on the websites. This helped us since Weblogs page is dedicated to topics on coding this website.
  • Notepad++ program edits html and css files. Recommend to change to dark display theme to help the eyes when spending many hours in front of computer.
  • GIMP image program to resize the pictures since large pictures will quickly make your homepage slow. Also here is a link to royalty free pictures.
  • XAMP program that sets up localhost in your computer so you can test run the website codes without impacting your live website. We have written some comments on installation in this post.
  • Duplicator This backup your wordpress files and contents. Can also transfer your wordpress from live site to localhost. Both are difficult but the plugin is useful to have.
  • Plugin link text xxxx
  • Plugin link text xxxx


There are 2 ways of backing up your WordPress account: The plugin way or manual way. This post describes the plugin Duplicator way and the Manual way. Read On


Our Weblog page uses a WordPress structure called Custom Post Type (CPT). CPT allows us to both separate the Weblog posts from others (e.g. Solar, Sports…) and display posts on the page. So here we will show how to create the page structure. Read On


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Working with computer is a lot of time for most of us so here we give a few tips how to work ergonomically. Read On


Localhost is WordPressing in your local C drive. It does not affect your live website, it is quick and allows for testing. We will here show how you can setup localhost. Read On


Since I use many tables, here is a list of table codes to make adjustments. Read On


List of minor codes I found from internet that adjust the page or post. This post updates on continual basis. Read On


Removes picture, author and date on posts. Read On


How to for Twenty Sixteen child theme Read On


Here is how to get a logo left of title. For Twenty Sixteen theme. See picture. Read On


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A heavy image makes webpage slow. Here are some tips on images. Read On


There are 2 ways of installing wordpress (WP) and for anyone unfamiliar with WordPress this can be difficult to spot. I certainly didn’t!

Here we show the way to install WordPress that allows you use the most of WP world. And also some other tips to implement straight away Read On


File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is the tool that comes with domain to access the domain’s file storage. In this post we show how to create a shortcut in our computer to reach our homepage storage. Read On